About Us

Hello, fellow parents!

I am Monique-Ann Shull, the Founder of NESTING. I am a part-time Operations Manager/Entrepreneur and a full-time tired mother of two VERY adventurous boys. There is no point speaking about how hard parenting is: just take the hardest thing you have ever had to deal with, and multiply it by the number of children you have.

You have just calculated how much work this will be.

Jokes aside, being a parent is a beautiful journey. I started the Nesting Shop with my boys to make this journey just a little easier and more enjoyable for you. Our products have been tested and approved by parents just like you, and our aim is to close the gap between the child’s want and the parent’s need. All the products at The Nesting Shop are innovatively and quirkily manufactured to make your time with your children more fun.

I will not guarantee that your babies will stop making your life crazy (I honestly don’t think that’s possible!). But I know from personal experience, that with our products, your children will smile a little more and make your parenting life a little more blissful.

Become a member of this community of parents who love innovative, useful, and modern baby gear and apparel! Welcome to THE NESTING SHOP!